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S8 Exp Agile and Versatile

Code : S8 Exp Agile and Versatile

Product Description

Agile and Versatile
With ultra-modern innovative design and the clinically-proven technologies, S8 Exp is well equipped as a low-physical-effort and enhanced-image-quality ultrasound scanner, which not only provides optimized solutions for versatile applications, but does help to improve the user-experience for both routine and non-traditional challenges. Working with S8 Exp, it will trigger your unlimited reverie and endow you with endless charm.
Carrying forward the classical design of SonoScape's portable ultrasound products, S8 Exp successfully combines the best ergonomics, attractive design and ease of use. This charismatic identity is also enhanced by a sophisticated color palette—with sedate grey as its interior paint color and pearl white as exterior cover, S8 Exp reveals a style of aristocrat and strong character among SonoScape's ultrasound systems.
The S8 Exp adapts to your workflow, whether you are in the consult room, at the bedside, or at a remote location. With easy-to-use new platform designed for sonographers' needs and full connection interfaces for easy connectivity and data sharing, S8 Exp leads to an improved user comfort and clinical outcome as well as patient throughout and working efficiency.
Powerful Platform
Embedded with SonoScape's core imaging technologies such as μ-scan, PHI and Spatial Compound, S8 Exp boasts exceptional 2D image, sensitive spectral, Color and Power Doppler, displaying well-defined anatomy and pathology and facilitating a highly optimized diagnostic user environment for conclusive diagnoses. Besides, S8 Exp offers a comprehensive selection of electronic probes to maximally extend its capabilities to meet a wide range of applications including abdomen, pediatric, OB/GYN, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, etc. The advanced probe technologies also effectively enhance the image quality and confidence in reaching clinical diagnoses even in difficult patients.

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