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S2 Discovering Your Outstanding Value

Code : S2 Discovering Your Outstanding Value

Product Description

The S2 is SonoScape's smart portable color Doppler system. The S2 brings more value to sonographers than any other in its class. S2 is catered to the needs of doctors with features such as, intelligent patient file management system, convenient user-definable settings, and professional diagnostic applications. Working with the S2, you can have comfort, accuracy and confidence.

The S2 is configured with comprehensive functions, including complete scanning modes, such as outstanding 2D performance, sensitive blood flow, and 3D/4D imaging technology. The S2 is endowed with the best functions in its class! The scanning modes include B /2B/4B/M/ Steer M/Color/DPI/PW/ CW.

Advanced Imaging Technology and Broad Range of Clinical Applications
The advance technologies used in the S2 make it easy to get accurate results. Tissue Harmonic Imaging, μ-Scan Speckle Reduction, Compound Imaging, Panoramic imaging, Trapezoid imaging, Freehand 3D and 4D imaging  will fulfill your needs anytime anywhere.

General Applications: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Small parts, Muscle-skeletal, Rheumatology, Vascular, Urology, Cardiology etc. Post-measurement and calculation software packages will allow you to focus on what you want. Provides professional reports from different exams for comparison.

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