Code : IONM 001

Product Description

Cortical Module

Designed for recording and stimulating at or near the patient’s head, the IOMAX Cortical Module provides 16 recording channels, TCS-9 for dynamic montaging of transcortical MEPs, and Low Current, Auditory and Visual Stimulation.

ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring

Limb Module

Designed for recording and stimulating the arms and legs, the IOMAX Limb Modules offer eight recording channels, five paired E-Stim outputs, SpO2 and Heart Rate.

ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring

Base Module

The IOMAX Base Module provides power and communication via a single SafeT™ Cable to the OR table, and allows Trigger In/Out interfacing with third-party devices.


ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring


LCSwap is a comprehensive switch matrix solution for direct cortical stimulation. Twelve outputs can be independently assigned as anode or cathode; it also includes two paired outputs for hand-held probes.

Safety Cable

SafeT™ Cables

Waterproof SafeT™ Cables are completely interchangeable between Modules and feature color-coded quick-release metal connectors. A single SafeT™ Cable connects the Base Unit to Modules at the surgical table.

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